Thursday, August 18, 2011

[Gadget] We love Instagram gadget for iGoogle

We all love Instagram and Google. This is a google gadget to show the popular feed at your iGoogle panel or paste it into your blog as well. All photos will be rotated automatically, with nice transition, by time to time and what we could do is layback and enjoy all sweet photos. This is the version and I know it still lots of things going to improve. I'm happy that you can jot down your comments to me. So, stay tuned.

Add to Google add "We love Instagram" to my iGoogle now

add to your blog
  • show photo owner details
  • show total number of comments
  • 2011/10/25 - just found there is an API update at Instagram, the gadget has been updated.
  • 2011/08/19 - add owner photo and username

Please share to your friend if you like it. Thanks.

This is a gadget that I like very much for my iPhone

Just a small part that can make my iPhone having one more special effect.
 nice huh?

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