Monday, September 26, 2011

Subscribe Google Calendar into iPhone

First of all, you have to prepare your calendar at Google Calendar first. You may create a new calendar inside your account, or export existing calendar. In this article, we create a new calendar to demonstrate the process.
I have created a  calendar named "my plan". Assume that I have input all special day to it. Then click "Calendar settings".
Click the green button "ICAL" at "Calendar Address". You can get the URL with extesion ".ics"
Write down this URL address, then what we need now is set it into your iPhone now.

Ok, tap "setting" icon at your iPhone

Choose "Mail,Contacts,Calendars".

Tap "Add Account".

Tap "Other".

Tap "Add Subscribed Calendar"

Add the URL you wrote down at the top and input it at the "server". Then here you go.
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